May 22, 2019
May 7, 2019
May 3, 2019

Welcome to my first newsletter as your Senator! I am so honored to serve you. The legislature began our work on January 7th, and I held a community swearing in on January 25th.  I met with many of you, from all parts of the district. We talked about water, the environment, agriculture, education, veterans, housing, and community safety. I look forward to meeting many more of you, and invite you to call my district office if you have an issue I can help you with. We are here!

February 25, 2019
February 22, 2019

SACRAMENTO—Today, Senator Anna M. Caballero introduced SB 567, which expands worker’s compensation protections for first responder healthcare workers, the majority of which are women.

“Worker’s compensation presumptions exist for first responders because they are inevitably exposed to dozens of potential illnesses as a condition of their work; many of which lead to health issues such as infectious diseases, respiratory illnesses and cancer,” said Caballero. Presumptions streamline treatment for workers by reducing the burden of proof that their injury or illness was caused by the nature of their employment. This protects the employee from hospital or surgical costs associated with the health issue.